Resident Info

Electric is provided by the Duquesne Light Company.
Cable is provided by Comcast.
Internet service is available through Comcast Cable. Currently, Verizon Fios is not available.

Contact the building manager to schedule moving in/out.
Moves may be scheduled between 8AM and 4PM, Monday through Friday.
All movement of household goods must be made through the loading dock off Fifth Avenue and only the freight elevator may be used within the building. Household goods cannot be moved through the upper or lower lobbies. Exclusive use of the freight elevator is NOT possible. It must be available for other residents/employees to use as well. If the elevator begins to beep, you must allow the elevator to go and recall it when needed to prevent it from shutting down.

Additional building keys and fobs may be obtained by contacting the building manager. There is a charge for additional keys.

Parking Garage:
The parking garage is owned and operated by the Chatham Center Management Company (ELTEQ).
Their office is located on Fifth Avenue to the left of the lower lobby entrance. Contact the Chatham Center Management Company regarding parking leases. Upon request, the building manager will give you a notice for the garage validating your residency at Chatham Tower.

Fitness Center:
Contact the building manager and sign a release form to gain access to the Fitness center. 

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